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Whatever industry you service, you need qualified, motivated help to accomplish your mission. Our mission is to simplify that task for you. Just let us know how many people you need, your start dates and what positions you have to fill—and leave the rest to us so you can focus on your core business.



You have a warehouse, a logistics, a production or assembly operation. That’s our specialty—light industrial. We can support your office staffing needs, as well. We understand your business because every day, we find workers that fit, for companies just like yours.


Protocall Staffing’s employees are proven and reliable. With our network of local offices, we can provide one, one thousand or more associates who have been interviewed, screened and evaluated. These assessments enable us to identify associates who are well suited to your work and work environment.

– Assemblers
– Forklift Operators
– Janitors
– Line Leaders
– Logistics
– Material Handlers
– Machine Operators

– Order Fulfillment
– Packaging
– Production
– Quality Control
– Shipping & Receiving
– Warehouse Clerks
– Warehouse Managers

– Administrative Assistants
– Billing Clerks
– Call Center Representatives
– Customer Service Representatives
– Data Entry Clerks
– Office Assistants
– Receptionists
PS will find and screen your ideal candidates, provide basic training and onboard them. Protocall Staffing: Providing flexible workforce staffing satisfaction, one person at a time.
We’re as committed to providing a safe environment as you are. Our BESAFE program promotes safe workplace practices that help reduce injuries, retain quality staff and make your facility more productive.

PSWorks, so you can concentrate on your work. Count on our experience for all of your light industrial staffing needs. We’ve been doing it better for 25 years.

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Yes. PS’s “BE-SAFE” client orientation is reviewed with you prior to starting a new assignment so you’re ready from day one to work safely.

Yes. Protocall Staffing employs OSHA certified trainers that conduct training and testing for forklift certifications.

Your PS On-Site manager or PS Representative will explain what PPE’s may be required while you are on assignment.

Jewelry is prohibited on most assignments poses a safety risk and can become caught in machines and conveyors. Jewelry can also interfere with your ability to operate machinery and perform your job duties efficiently.

  1. Always look in the path of your travel (walking, turning, stepping, reaching, etc).
  2. Obey safety signs.
  3. Use good body mechanics when lifting, pushing and pulling materials.
  1. Be alert of your surroundings, including co-workers.
  2. Maintain a positive attitude at all times.
  3. Offer help to co-workers when they appear to struggle with a task.
  4. Always warn a co-worker if he or she does not recognize hazards.
  5. Report unsafe behaviors to a supervisor.

Immediately speak to a warehouse supervisor or PS On-Site manager who will determine the severity of the injury and provide first aid and/or what the next steps are. You will help the supervisor understand what happened by describing the details of the incident. If medical care is necessary, appropriate arrangements will be made.